It’s the dead unbreakable silence that scares me,
Sending shivers all down my spine.
Reminding me that loneliness can kill, hurt, damage …
It’s only at night when this old friend, shows her face …
It’s only at night, that she sits there mocking me
it’s then, when she gets to me
Reopening wounds I fought hard to close.
Reminding me that I can only survive in your presence …


beautiful thing ….

I have no interest in other people.
I feel no need to be a part of their world…
Why would I enjoy the company of such zombies
When my heart only beats around you?
But I’m scared …
I’m scared that you can stop the beats as quickly as you make them race
And that you will only leave a shadow of what I was,behind.
I’ll just be one of these zombies,helplessly searching the world
For that bit of happiness that was ripped out of them.

But I can’t stop myself
Stop myself from,
Being bewitched by your smile,
Melting under your touch,
Craving your presence,
And giving you all that I am.

digital randomness at early hours….

sleep? i think not….

photo editing….i say yes. 😀


Wow…..Oompa Loompa’s are real and you can find them here

did i mention that a book commits suicide when you watch jersey shore?

these lot are a joke…. in serious need of a mirror or just a wake up call.

c’mon now, what girl gave them the impression they look nice?