Little Cass’s adventure in the park

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the cutest little man ever ….  Cassius.

His mom is my best mate, an amazingly strong woman and a very good friend. no point in saying that i love them both to bits and they aremy family away from home.

he just started walking not long ago … so it’s an adventure every day. new things to see, smell, touch and a lot of times taste … but that’s the way it goes, he’s learning so many new things. and every time another day passes, and i come and visit … it’s like he grew a month in that single day.

Olivia and Cassius thought me new things … i’ve never had the opportunity to see such a strong bond between a mother and a child. i still find myself, sometimes, staring at them two when they’re playing around. i am still amazed … and i guess it just makes me want a baby more.But it’s just a wish at the moment, it’s something to think about in the future. because the difference between me and Olivia is that she was ready and wanted a baby, on the other hand … i can barely take care of myself, i do want a baby but because i’m lacking a relationship, stability and i dont feel ready yet … i wont be trying for one anytime soon.

ohhh before i go on a random rant i am gonna stop here….  it’s been a long day and i might just talk nonsense …

so, this is little Cassius, going about doing his thing and making silly faces at no one in particular. and like always, i did my job and just ran around him waiting,with the view finder almost stuck to my eye , for another good shot of this gorgeous baby boy.


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